Improving quality of life for marginalised children

Many organisations profit from political controversy and social division, bullying parents and children into rejecting the beliefs, values and lifestyles that protected them for the past 2,000 years

Community bonding

In 2008, Parenting Together Ltd first registered as a Social Enterprise, non-profit company: no 6796387

The first registered charity proven effective at:

Preventing grooming

Uncovering genuine domestic abuse

Identifying victims before they were exploited, assaulted or abused

Resolving bullying behaviour at school

Improving school attendance

Convincing parents to cooperate with each other

Creating friendlier safer neighbourhoods


In 2012, we registered as children's charity no 1149523

Practical help and services for Learning Difficulties parents, while involved in Family court proceedings



 Professional Translation Services  


Our company is a leading provider of professional legal translation services, with a team of expert translators who specialize in various fields of law. We have extensive experience in translating legal documents for family law cases, and we understand the sensitivity and importance of these matters. Our translations are accurate, reliable, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client Our main email -


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 Arts Crafts & Hobbies! That is where ACH.World aims to build on the experience of over 25 years of trading  


Arts Crafts & Hobbies! That is where ACH.World aims to build on the experience of over 25 years of trading in the traditional stationery markets. Our aim is to bring you the Right Products at the Right Price at the Right Time. Our buying power and expertise has allowed us to forge strong relationships with our suppliers to enable us to deliver quality products at competitive prices and free delivery for orders over £35. We have been trading online for a number of years and have many thousands of happy customers via our other online sales sites. We want to create a shopping experience that you will want to return to and want to tell your friends about. We always sort out any issues with orders (yes it does happen) but as long as we are aware of a problem we can resolve it and will resolve it quickly and with as little fuss for you as possible


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 Honeypot families is an anti-bullying project safeguarding vulnerable adults from exploitation and intimidation  


The potential to exploit, bully and commit crimes against vulnerable families, is in proportion to the potential of exposing perpetrators to Justice Login to record your personal diary of events, updating as and when you or someone you care about seems vulnerable. You can then save timestamped proof in your diary and have it emailed back to you when needed Honeypot families began 1995 as an award-winning longitudinal study of crime against young adults and children. We want to share our knowledge and resources that enabled volunteers and non-profit organisations to support disadvantaged families at risk of exploitation and abuse By Parenting Together, people in other regions, often earning lower average incomes enjoy higher standards of living, education, health and quality of life


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Shop Riverford Choose a veg box and top up from our range of organic veg, fruit, meat, dairy and recipe boxes. step 2 Delivered to your door Your local veg team will deliver and collect your packaging to reuse. No need to be home! step 3 Amazing veg, positive impact Live life on the veg, cook and eat brilliant seasonal dishes, and make a positive impact on the world. We believe that amazing veg has the power to change lives and the world around us. Everything we grow, make and sell is 100% organic and slow grown for flavour. Thoughtful packaging Home compostable bags, reusable boxes, and other innovative solutions.


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 Ruskin Mill support the development of work and life skills in young people with autism and other learning difficulties  


Ruskin Mill Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education combines the insights from Rudolf Steiner’s educational inspiration and understanding of human phasic development, and is inspired by the work of John Ruskin and William Morris. Working with hand, head, heart and place, through practical activities, performing arts, therapies, culture and social enterprise, Ruskin Mill Trust help individuals to re-imagine their potential Four schools working with children aged 5 – 18 Five colleges who work with young adults aged 16 – 25 Two adult social care provisions working with adults aged 18 and above Day, residential and respite placements available Applications accepted year round Residential placements are in small scale homes in the community and on Trust sites Research Centres


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 Foundation We build rewarding futures through recognising people’s strengths, championing their voices and working in partnerships 


Our services support individuals and families affected by : Homeless or at risk of homelessness Leaving prison or on probation Leaving care Domestic abuse We’re here so that you don’t have to face your challenges alone. Experienced and dedicated Foundation teams provide help and support to vulnerable people across communities. Your voice matters, and we’re here to listen. If you’re affected by homelessness or domestic abuse, or need some support as you make the transition from prison or care, get in touch by email or call on 0113 303 0150 for an informal chat in complete confidence.


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 Find Mind where you live Search for your local MINDS  


Local Mind services supported over 425,000 people across England and Wales this year. Their services include talking therapies, crisis helplines, drop-in centres, employment and training schemes, counselling and befriending. You can use the below listings to find Mind where you live. Enter your postcode or town in the search box, and you will be able to see your nearest local Mind service in list or map format. Each local Mind has their own website with more information on the services they provide. You will be able to find contact details for your Local Mind below or on their website. Each local Mind is an independent charity run by local people for local people. They are responsible for their own funding and services. We work together in partnership with our local Minds.


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 Safeguarding your children within a Parenting cooperative Families in the safest happiest regions do this to keep everyone safe 


There is a crisis of faith in Local Authorities of dangerous regions with high rates of unresolved abuse, deprivation and crimes A parenting cooperative only works as an exclusive private phone network of trusted parents in the same neighbourhood. Parents sharing any incidents or concerns with other parents they know and trust. Proven effective against grooming gangs, parents who exchanged phone numbers and contacted each other, significantly reduced bullying, violence and serious offences against children Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm, coop delegates and parents can join Experienced community workers and professionals, in a conference meeting to discuss general problems in your district, no names and nothing personal. Contact to consult a professional


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 Improving quality of life for disadvantaged families in areas of high crime and poverty 


Because it takes a village to raise a child; Social enterprises, businesses, community and registered charity projects are invited to join us in safeguarding vulnerable families in areas of high crime and poverty


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 Services for Law professionals and self-litigates Expert Witness Reports, Professional Testimonies Assessments and training courses 


Stability4c is a registered company founded on safety and stability for children. It provides expert and professional reports, assessments, and testimonies to support parents in Family Court proceeding, Criminal and litigation cases involving Social Care and wellbeing of children Stability4c earned its reputation as 'Parenting Together', a social enterprise (non-profit) company and a registered Charity safeguarding vulnerable adults and children in Bradford, now working in all regions of the British Isles


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 you can write your will for free as part of this exclusive offer for Parenting Together supporters 


Forget the £200 usually associated with a simple Will from a qualified Estate Planning Consultant. Forget having to go to a legal office and sit through a complicated meeting to get everything drawn up. With Squiggle, you can write your will for free in the comfort of your own home as part of this exclusive offer for Parenting Together supporters It couldn’t be easier. Simply choose a timeslot that works for you, and a Squiggle Consultant will give you all the help you need. They’ll run through a complete fact-finding consultation to ensure all your needs are covered, but you are in no way obligated to take up any additional services.


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 ParentShield SIM cards attach to multiple UK networks to protect our valuable users  


ParentShield SIM cards have two “Home Numbers” that can be called, or texted, at any time, even if the user has run out of minutes or texts. Children should always be able to call home Spending Controls ALL opportunities for extra spending are permanently blocked. Overspending is impossible! Time Controls Take full control over the times that your child can talk, text or use mobile data. Word Alerts Be alerted instantly by text message to YOUR phone should a message to or from your child’s phone contain any concerning words or phrases – so you can log straight into your Portal to check out the conversation


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 Health insurance pays your private healthcare costs if you need treatment for an acute condition.  


Can you add your children and partner? Yes. Add two or more children aged 19 or under to your policy, and you'll only pay for the eldest, until they turn 20. You'll also pay less if you add your partner to your policy than if you both take out individual policies. Whether it’s overnight care, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, scans or aftercare, you get the specialist private treatment you need, in comfortable surroundings, when you need it.


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